The Time We Talked With Adult Contemporary Music Artist, Michael Daughtry

On this episode, we chat with Billboard charting musical artist, Michael Daughtry, about his song, "Nothing Special", hitting number 23 on Billboard; loving heavy metal, yacht rock and Husker Du; and the little details in life that inspired "Nothing Special".

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The Time We Talked With Winston-Salem psychic, Lauren Nicolas

On this episode of PTP, we sat down and chatted with Winston-Salem psychic, Lauren Nicolas, about discovering her psychic abilities at an early age; how crystal balls are great decorations and not great at predicting the future; and her insight about spiritual cleansing.

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The Time We Talked With Althaea Dawson, founder of the Triad Witches Social

On this episode of PTP, we chat with the Triad Witches' Social founder, Althaea Dawson, about creating a group for people who pracitice witchcraft, paganism and other lesser known religious systems; the connection between withcraft with early feminism; and how the word 'Warlock' isn't really a thing anymore. Listen and have your mind exploded!

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The Time We Talked With Doomsday Profit

On this stellar episode of the Piedmont Triad Podcast, we chat with Durham doom/sludge metal band, Doomsday Profit, about about the mishaps they have experienced while on the road; traveling to gigs in their "new" van (affectionately named 'Vanthony Bourdain') and one song they wrote during the pandemic that they even think is a little too grim.

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The Time We Talked With Acrobat and Ginger Fox Beverage Co-Founder, David Bowen

David doesn't really consider himself an acrobat, but it seems like being a performer in a "Cirque Du Soleil" style circus in China should allow you some acrobatic bragging rights. He also runs a unique cocktail bar with his wife in downtown Winston-Salem called Ginger Fox Beverage where they bring an international attitude and style inspired by their travels abroad.

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The Time We Talked With Greensboro Near Death Experience Founder, Sanna Festa

On this episode, we talk with Sanna Festa, founder of the Greensboro Near Death Experience Group. Sanna created the Greensboro Near Death Experience group as a welcoming environment for not only people who have had a personal NDE, but for anyone who would just like to learn more about this surprisingly common phenomenon. And on this episode, she explains the differences between a Near Death Experience (NDE), a Shared Death Experience (SDE) and a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE), what...See More

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The Time We Talked With Carolina Chainsaw Massacre Festival Founders, John and Yoyo McEntee

Carolina Chainsaw Massacre Founders, John and Yoyo McEntee, make a return appearance to the Piedmont Triad Podcast.

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Bonus Episode! The Time David Made An Appearance on "Guess What You're Wrong!", a Horror Movie Podcast

On this bonus episode, you can listen to the Piedmont Triad Podcast host, David Locklear, make an appearance on the horror movie podcast where we talk about the goofy, gory movie, "Llamageddon". Woo-Hoo!

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The Time We Talked To "Guess What? You're Wrong!" Podcast Host, Damon Beaty

On this episode, I talk with "Guess What? You're Wrong!" Podcast host, Damon Beaty, and we discuss the evolution of his podcast, how history can be reflected through horror stories, and my recent appearance on ‘Guess What? You’re Wrong! where we talk about the divisive new film, “Skinamarink”

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The Time We Talked With Asheville Artist, Musician, Photographer, and Trans-Woman, Geddi Monroe

We talk with Geddi about the Asheville underground music scene and her struggles and victories as a trans-woman.

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The Time We Talked With Tamika Wells, author of "Into the Soul of a Woman"

We talked to Tamika Wells, Author of "Into the Soul of a Woman", about her spriritual journey, operating multiple businesses and reconnecting with her son.

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The Time We Talked With Psychedelic Rock Band, Darsombra

We talk with Psychedelic Rock band Darsombra members, Brian Daniloski and Ann Everton, about trippy live shows, the recent passing of Baltimore rock legend, Dave Sherman, and the 'joys' of making a double album.

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The Time We Talked With Winston-Salem Stoner Rock Band, Holyroller

We chat with Adam Cody, vocalist for W-S stoner rock band, Holyroller, about their new album, "Swimming Witches", a mutual love of the stoner/doom music of High on Fire; and how music can heal a broken spirit.

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Carolina Chainsaw Massacre Fest Part 4: Festival Founders, John and Yoyo McEntee

We talked to Carolina Chainsaw Massacre Festival founders, John and Yoyo McEntee, about how the festival started, the overwhelming postive response from the community and Breaktime Billiards bailing out on them as a venue host less than 10 days before the festival.

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Carolina Chainsaw Massacre Part 3: Eldritch Horror Band Members, Dennis Shaw and David Price

On part 3 of our 4 part series on the Carolina Chainsaw Massacre festival, we talk with Eldritch Horror members, Dennis Shaw and David Price, about Lovecraft horror themes, the PMRC's failed attempted tyranny through Explicit Lyrics stickers and their new EP, 'At the Altar of Death'.

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Carolina Chainsaw Massacre Part 2: Paul Ray of False Prophet

We talk to Paul about occult horror movies, pushing back against religious hyporisy in the south and classic heavy metal music, of course.

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Carolina Chainsaw Massacre Part 1: Ari Lehman of Friday the 13th and First Jason

We are doing a 4 part series on the very first Carolina Chainsaw Massacre! In case you don't know what the hell I'm writing about, the Carolina Chainsaw Masscre is a 2 day rock and horror festival in Winston-Salem on June 3 at Breaktime Billiards and in Greensboro on June 4 at Arizona Pete's. It will feature horror legends, such as John Dugan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and metal legends, Nuclear Assault, performing one of their final shows.On this episode of PTP, we had the honor of speaking with Friday the 13th legend, Ari Lehman, about his film experiences and his band, First Jason.The Carolina Chainsaw Massacre was created by John and Yoyo McEntee, whose mutual love of the horror genre and heavy metal music (John is the founder/vocalist/guitarist of legendary metal band, Incantation) is what spawned this awesome event, so grab tickets now at

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The Time We Talked With Carlos Bocanegra, Owner of the Monstercade Bar

On this episode, I'm joined by my friend and sister-in-law, Astrid Caspian, where we talk with Carlos Bocanegra-the owner of Monstercade, "the weirdest bar in NC"- about their YouTube show "Cockblock Theater", delivering beer during the pandemic and the very strange tale of an encounter with Bigfoot.

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The Time We Talked To Crowbar Vocalist, Kirk Windstein

We talk to Kirk Windstein, vocalist of legengary New Orleans band, Crowbar, about God, their new record "Zero and Below" and staying sane on the road.

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The Time We Talked With Major Tomms Oddity Store Owner, Holly Presnell

In this episode, we sit down with Holly Presnell, the owner of one of Winston-Salem's most interesting stores, Major Tomms. She tells us about the store's wild wares and how it inspires joy in many people while also befuddling many others.

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The Time We Talked With Lewisville Mayor, Mike Horn

On this PTP episode, we talk to Lewisville Mayor, Mike Horn, about his childhood in Key Largo, the controversial proposed apartment building in Town Square, and keeping the small town community alive.

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The Time We Talked to Camel City Blackouts Vocalist, Ryan Sizemore

On this episode, we talk with pop-punk band Camel City Blackouts vocalist, Ryan Sizemore, about a pop-punk resurgence, writing bad love songs and how Barry Manilow kicks ass.

Post interview song: "Angels" by Camel City Blackouts

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The Time We Talked With Ray Boden, Founder Of The Gears and Guitars Festival

We talk with Ray Boden, organizer of Coalpit Live music and the Gears and Guitars Fest about the love of music and the time Stone Temple Pilots made a heartbreaking disovery just before taking the stage at the Gears and Guitars Fest in 2019.

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The Time We Talked With Triad City Beat Editor, Brian Clarey

We talk with Triad City Beat editor, Brian Clarey, about politics, drinking problems and how we met each other 20 years ago and didn't have a clue.

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